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  • Do you have a team of junior developers who don't have best practices down yet?
  • Do you lack the budget to support a senior engineer on staff or a full size consultancy?
  • Are you afraid that deployments will result in costly breakages?
  • Do you have trouble onboarding team members because of complicated domain knowledge?
  • Do small issues keep slowing you down?
  • Do you feel like the "spaghetti" in your codebase is multiplying?

If your team is understaffed or inexperienced, you might be running into some problems.

Zeal Code Review can help.

Our Strengths


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The Zeal Experience

Level up your team  •  Simplify your design architecture  •  Clean up your code  •  Feel good about the future

With an average of more than 10 years of experience per person, Zeal brings to the table a passion for clean, well-crafted code and a love of teaching. We’re champions of iterative improvement, and we're dedicated to helping others grow their own expertise. 

Our team is well versed in Ruby on Rails and React development, but we’re also committed to keeping ourselves well informed and take time to explore cutting edge technologies. Let us bring our zeal for software to your team!


What our clients are saying

"Zeal's code review service was the perfect fit for a sudden vacuum in our development team. When one of our senior developers left the team, we needed to keep the ship moving. In order to do that, we required a bit of technical oversight over our remaining junior team. Zeal's expertise and engaging working style let us move forward without a hitch. In addition, they ended up contributing to an improved overall product."

Sunil Doshi


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